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Playing one of my originals, “Mi Corazon” in the Journey Instruments booth at the Winter NAMM Show.

My version of this Beatles classic. Uke arrangement inspired by the inimitable Jake Shimabukuro. Performed on a Journey Instruments J-Uke UC770CE. Check it out. Too fun to play!

Review of the Journey Instruments J-Uke UC770CE and their premium JourneyTek soft case – the most full-featured uke bag I’ve come across in my travels. 

Demo’ing the J-Uke UC770CE by Journey Instruments – this is my instrumental arrangement of Don McLean’s 1971 classic… love the sweet sound of this Indonesian mahogany ukulele. :)


Recording Session Outtakes… 

Christie Leneé and one of many lovely acoustic guitar tracks laid down that day on “Only Love” – this one on her 12-string Gryphon – just beautiful.

Lauren Wood tapping out a baby drum and hardwood floor combo for “Sugar Pie” – love this every time I hear it.  This is the actual track we used for the final mix.

Boom-boom time with Lauren Wood, working the hot rods and brushes, finding the perfect “Cougar Blues” groove… we rocked the blues all day long!

Janet Robin in the zone – creating a trance-like, sitar-esque, background track on “Only Love.” She also did a very cool track on her Martin Backpacker for this song.

Chris Reed on Janet Robin’s Tele, picking out a sweet little chorus riff on “Got It Bad.” If you listen closely, you can also hear him singing backup!

Lauren Wood improvising… adding a plant basket beat to the “Cougar Blues.” It was everything but the kitchen sink by the time we were through!

Lauren Wood playing the carrot – just one of her many and varied percussion toys – on “Sugar Pie.”

Janet Robin on her Strat… playing some hauntingly beautiful slides on “A Time Like This.”


Random Jams…

Chris Reed… electric improv on “A Better Day.” It was nine days after Sandy Hook… we were still processing our empathy and frustration…

Messing around in my kitchen with Jane McCord…