2016 was a blast! Kicked it off with The NAMM Show, playing for IMUA Ukulele out of Honolulu, an ongoing endorsement. I play one of their thin-body tenor electrics and love its one-of-a-kind sound and versatility.

I met ukulele rock star, Jake Shimabukuro and heard him play at Kamaka Ukulele’s 100 Year Anniversary party – amazing, to say the least!

In instrument news, I received one of Journey Instruments’ new premium travel ukes and soft cases to demo. Fantastic ukulele and killer case – check out vids here, on my FB page  and YouTube channel.

I am truly honored by the loyalty of my LA fans and the new fans I continue to connect with in person, online and at music industry events like The NAMM Show. You guys rock!


KR Newsfeed

August 14th

Favorite corner of the room... <3 #ukulele #amp #allyouneed ... See MoreSee Less

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June 5th

One of my favorite ukes to road trip and camp with... Journey Instruments' J-Uke UC770CE. Not only does it sound good in the woods, it looks good in the woods! :) #ukulele #roadtrip #camping #playjourney <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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May 10th

Karen Reed Music is at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area.

Uke jam in the park... :) photo by: Mary Grace McKernan
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April 8th

Karen Reed Music shared Journey Instruments's video.

Journey Instruments
Demo'ing one of my originals, "Mi Corazon" – at The NAMM Show. The Journey Instruments J-Uke UC770CE is a blast to play! <3
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Our sponsored artist Karen Reed Music jamming on our UC770CE Meranti concert uke at #NAMM2017. We launched the Tenor versions of these ukes at the sh...

March 5th

Hallelujah – Ukulele Cover
It's a pleasure to share this version of Leonard Cohen's classic, "Hallelujah" with you, played on a Journey Instruments solid top mahogany tenor ukulele. <3 #hallelujah #sundaymusic #playjourney #leonardcohen #classic #ukulelecover
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March 2nd

Journey Instruments J-Uke™ UT310E
The solid-top mahogany J-Uke™ UT310E by Journey Instruments... <3 #newdesign #newuke #quicklook #playjourney
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January 23rd

Karen Reed Music is at NAMM Show.

Love the solid lucite 3-string electric by LoogGuitars! Talked to the creator, Rafael Atijas, and these will be available April 2017. From Kickstarter campaign to full-fledged guitar company – awesome and so fun to play! PS: Thanks for the pic. :) #notjustforkids #loog #uruguay #kickstarter #playtime #namm2017
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January 19th

It's going to be an action-packed weekend, playing this year's new models at Journey Instruments, HOSCO Inc./Big Island Ukulele Co. & IMUA Ukulele Inc. #jamtime #NAMM2017 ... See MoreSee Less

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January 1st

Auld Lang Syne (Times Gone By)
Written in the 1700's by a Scotsman named Robert Burns, "Auld Lang Syne" is a song about remembering friends from the past and not letting them be forgotten. Little did Mr. Burns know, his song would remain in memory as well. Here's to classic songs and the songwriters who breathe them into life! Wishing everyone a very happy, and memorable, New Year! :)
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December 5th

Purring like a race car (note left front claws gripping the pedal board)... she loves the music – the louder the better! :) #fancat ... See MoreSee Less

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Reviews, etc.

“A track like Stuck on You is the perfect example of what Reed is going for with this album. Simple strings provide the background for a nice upbeat romantic song. It’s the kind of the thing tailor made for a TV commercial or something similar. This is Reed’s versatility; she can do upbeat or she can do Starry, Starry Night, a beautifully articulated acoustic piece that eases me to peace like few tracks I’ve heard in many years. Again her sense of melody is superb and it shows on several of the tracks on this admirably assembled album.” More »

~ Ear To The Ground Music

“Of particular note amongst her many musical skills is Reed’s voice, which effortlessly conveys passion and soul at one turn, wry humor at another and bright optimism with equal grace.” More »

~ Music Emissions

“We need Karen Reed; she is a true example that following your dream and doing what you love can be an inspiration to many.”

~ Ellenwood-EP