A lot of what you’ll hear when you listen to my music emanated from the soul of this sweet little Martin S1 soprano ukulele. Favorite writing tool... Made of solid mahogany, it has a sound far bigger and fuller than its 24″ long, 12-fret size would make you think. It sits on an end table in my living room and I play it every single day. It’s my musical sketch pad and I love it like a best friend! When I start writing a new song, it may resolve itself on the ukulele, in which case I graduate it to my Moku MS09 tenor, or my Martin C1K concert uke with an installed LR Baggs 5.0 pickup performance-ready!
hotel rehearsalOne of my favorite instruments blends ukulele and electric guitar, and that’s my IMUA thin-body electric – a truly unique instrument that IMUA introduced in 2014. I was fortunate enough to have played their prototype at The NAMM Show and ordered one directly from Jorma Winkler, president of IMUA Ukulele. It’s the second one of it’s kind, hand-crafted by ace luthier, Shinji Takahashi.


Sometimes a song calls for the crisp, clear projection of a steel string guitar – and nothing brings those songs to life better than my custom Taylor GC8, an acoustic guitar with a classical soul!TaylorGC8_2

And here’s my latest addition… a sweet concert travel uke from Journey Instruments. Ships in its own premium soft case. See it in action in my demo videos here!


Behind The Scenes

I’ve had the good fortune to work with some incredibly talented folks and none more so than singer-songwriter, world class guitarist, and producer, Janet Robin / Robin’s Nest Studio. boomboomtime

In the making of “True North,” and in subsequent single releases, we’ve recorded it all – vocals, ukulele, acoustic and electric guitar, standup bass, electric bass, violin, harmonica, keyboard, drums, tambourine, shakers, pillow thumps, planter whacks, box knocks – you name it!SugarPie4I do a lot of note-taking during tracking sessions and sometimes my notes take on an artistic expression of their own… thankfully, no one has to read them but me. :)





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Special Thanks…

It’s been an incredible experience and quite an honor to share recording sessions and the stage with such talented artists as Janet RobinLauren WoodChristie LeneéVivi RamaLarry TuttleShay GodwinDenise Frasier, Miriam Hall, Mar Hobbs, Cheryl Saunders, Hideki Kishioka, Lynda Hayden, Jennifer Fisher, Joshua Willing Halpern, Chris Reed, Henri Cash, Jane McCord, Marika Tjelios, Jeanne McGraw, Suzanne Graham, Nancy Luca and The Luca Band, among others. I’ve also had the great pleasure to work with the mixing, mastering and engineering talents of Steve Gallagher, Gregg Leonard, Sharon KearneyJames DeMain at Yes Master Studios and Joe Solo of Joe Solo Productions.